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Testimonial from M.I.A who has received Kolaimni, March 2015, Iowa


My first three Kolaimni treatments were in person. They were very enjoyable. I felt a lot of energy moving through the energy centers during the session. The body became very relaxed. I felt more integrated afterwards. I felt stronger for some time afterwards. During the session, I was aware of the technician doing the treatment. I was aware of where she was working.

My 4th session was done as a distance healing…. I felt the body settling down right away. The body and experience became more and more refined and inward even though the energy centers were enlivening more. My experience became very subtle, my mind stayed awake, but after half an hour, the body went to sleep. I stayed asleep for an hour and a half. When I awoke, I was alert and felt very integrated. I was very centered in myself.

For days now since the session, my blood sugar and pressure are very stable. They had not been for the week before the session. I am still feeling strong and centered. I find these sessions very beneficial.

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