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Kolaimni uses the electro-magnetic sheath or etheric field surrounding the body. When you receive Kolaimni, you allow the practitioner to give you an « etheric massage ».

The kolaimnist’s hands don’t touch the body but move between 1,5 or 2 inches above it, making short strokes that massage and let the Light energy dispurse into the recipient’s body. ​

The healing takes place at the molecular level when the Light penetrates into the physical body, allowing it to reach its own natural regenerative powers.​

​At the same time, during this etheric massage, Kolaimni helps to bring balance to the body through the energetic centers or chakras, which help to bring back the body in a synchronization state, intensifying the wellness process.

During a Kolaimni session, the recipient becomes deeply relaxed, stress evaporates and the body is then able to regenerate. This is why Kolaimni can help the sick, comfort emotional disorder and strengthen the weak and weary.

​Light and energy can modify physical matter and this comforting technique only uses loving hands as a tool. Repeated sessions may be necessary to bring back a balance, but depending on the case and individual’s level of receptivity, the result can be instantaneous.



Kolaimni is a gift, it comes from the source of life itself.
It has been brought to us through Patricia «  Mechi » Garza.

Mechi was Choctaw - Cherokee mixed blood, a medicine woman and a famous elder among the Native American. She was part of the Esaw inter-tribal group.
In 1981, Mechi began to give Kolaimni and to teach it to the others. Native Americans used similar healing techniques since immemorial times. Mechi has brought this technique to our times.

By Marie-Hélène Tourenne
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