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Given that the Universal Light is accessible by everyone from everywhere, it is easy to understand that Kolaimni can be given and received remotely. Since every being, every animal has its origin in the primordial Light, thus, our entire world is connected.

Through centuries, our planet suffered a disconnection between beings, Nature and Light, and we now have the opportunity to recreate this connection by bringing Wellness to all who need it, from any place in the world.

« Time and Space are the ways of thinking and not our conditions of living ».

- Albert Einstein

Abentee session : how does it work?

​Before each session, it is recommended to follow a special process:

• First, the kolaimnist will ask the recipient for the best time for him/her to receive this healing. Thus, an appointment us made..
•  If it’s possible, we recommended that the recipient lies down during the session, it usually will last anywhere from 45 minutes to 1h15, in order to fully enjoy the comforting sensation, the relaxation and even the peace.

During the session, for a most pleasant experience, we recommend that the recipient lets go, and let his mind control free, and expectation free as much as possible.

The recipient might feel sleepy. We then advice to enjoy this state to let the body and mind rest. The sleep occuring during or after a Kolaimni session is very regenerative and it is good to accept it as much as possible.


After the session, we also advice to drink water regularly during the following hours.
A few days later, a phone call allows for a sharing of experiences . This sharing is essential because the Light may have had an impact on the primary health concern of the receiver, but, might also have had an impact on another aspect of the recipient’s life.

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