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A dazzlingly stunning Muslim app with magnificently designed and immersive features. Be it sending sms, sharing images or keeping up with news. The latest updates in this app will keep you fully informed about the latest happenings. With this app you can:- * Send sms at will or instantly share images and videos with friends and family. * Track the latest events, parties or any other happening in the city with the push of a button. * Keep up to date with News and Newsletters. * Follow your favorite event as it unfolds and easily stay informed of events throughout the city. * Easily add multiple friends and see what they are up to across the city * See the Name of the person you are currently talking to directly in the conversation pane * Get directions directly through your phone by simply adding your friends location! * Check your events and invite friends directly from your list * Get connected with all the significant events being organized in the city * Share images and videos with friends and family directly through SMS. * Stay connected to your favorite event through the push of a button. Description: Shifting of the Indian vedic calendar (Sanskrit, भारतीय शिवाणिस्त्र, केरीशिव्याणिस्त्र) to the solar Hijri calendar (Sanskrit, आशिवाणिस्त्र, हिजुर) is a standard practice in the world. This application is useful for business purposes, academic purposes and general purposes. The application shows the Hindu calendar (Hijri) as well as current Gregorian calendar (World Calendar). This application is also known as Vedic Calendar because it shows the Vedic Era of Hinduism. Estimated number of downloads: 5,000 to 10,000 Sunni Muslim Hejri Saudi Islamic Countries is the number one Hijri application for the Islamic Countries. Islamic countries use Hijri or Hijra Calendar for their religious purposes. Saudi Arabia uses that calendar as an official calendar. Hejri Conversion is an a5204a7ec7

Hejri Calendar Converter is a very simple and handy application which can be used by anyone to calculate the dates, timings and other scientific matters based on the Hejri Calendar. It also allows you to convert any date or time in Gregorian Calendar to the Hejri Calendar. It also includes a help section in which you can find the detailed description of the Hejri Calendar, along with the conversion between Hijri and Gregorian Calendars. Hejri Calendar Converter has many features which you will love to use on your device such as: - Numeric and alphabetic values support. - Convert Hijri date or time. - Convert Hijri date or time to Gregorian date. - Convert from Gregorian date to Hijri date. - Supports the Saudi Arabian and Gulf standard countries. - The application is free of adware and other unwanted items. - The app is easy to use and doesn't require any expertise. - Has a clean user interface. Hejri Calendar Converter also supports between 1 to 12 digit Hijri year value, small and large Hijri month and day value, small and large Gregorian month and day value. Hejri Calendar Converter Features: - Simple and easy to use conversion of the dates from Gregorian to Hejri calendar. - Support Gregorian and Saudi Arabian and Gulf calendar. - You can convert Gregorian date to Hijri or vice versa. - Easy to use, just follow the simple instructions to convert. - Provides an accurate conversion of the dates based on the Saudi Arabian and Gulf calendar. - It uses a descriptive approach and simple instructions to guide the user for the conversion of dates from Gregorian to Hejri calendar. - Hijri to Gregorian and vice versa. - Supports Hijri conversion with any digit of the year from 1 to 12. - Gregorian to Saudi Arabian and Gulf and vice versa. - Supports both the standard countries Saudi Arabia and Gulf countries. - Supports small and large values of Hijri and Gregorian date and time. The language and user interface of the application are English. The size of Hejri Calendar Converter is 11.52 MB. To download Hejri Calendar Converter for your devices, you can use the download button provided below. Hejri Calendar Converter Review by RevieRofl Hejri Calendar Converter is an amazing application which can be used


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